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Feature Films

Ocean Odyssey


This is 7 minutes from the feature film “Ocean Odyssey”. I worked on this project for over 4 years. Paul Gilman and Valerie Gill had dedicated themselves to completing it at all cost. They spent almost 10 years traveling the globe communing with whales and filming their adventures. I got to join them on a […]

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Shoot The Hero


This is the trailer for Shoot The Hero. A 30-something couple unintentionally become involved in a botched jewel heist while shopping for wedding rings. The plot thickens when the crooked casino owner who engineered the heist hires two unassuming hit men to clean up the mess, and the soon-to-be husband and wife find themselves discovering […]

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Shakespeare’s Cat


This is the trailer for Shakespeare’s Cat, The Movie. It’s fun. It’s campy and quirky. It’s a magical, musical Shakespearean roller coaster ride all about cats. And… a legendary mystery is solved.

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Teaser for the Feature Film SPINNERS.

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